Monday, March 28, 2011

Shooting the hoops!

Regardless the weather my boys want to go outside, now this is not a big problem because I would rather them be outside and staying active. But on this saturday morning it was cold! We had good weather the week before and then all of sudden its cold. Now I wanted to stay inside and bundle up and relax but the boys had another plan. Austin kept reaching for the door knob saying "awside" and Chandler kept asking to play baseketball. Now I could have said no and made them sit and watch tv but then I would have two grumpy sad childern to stare INSTEAD I bundled them and myself up and we went outside to play. I looked at as spending time with my family and doing something I know they wanted to do and would have fun. According to the way Chandler plays he scored more points and won and all I know is we got excersise trying to play against a 6 year old :)

Playing in daddy's truck

I am pretty sure he made that shot!

My boy!
Daddy takes a shot!

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