Friday, February 26, 2010

Standing Proud

Ever since Austin has discovered that he can stand up that is all he does. He uses his gate, the couch, my cloths, the dog everything! He knew how to get up but the challenge now was how does he get down. He would hold onto dear life to the gate just so he wouldnt fall. He finally realized if he just let go and sat he would land on his bottom. Since he is a boy and boys love to try the next danergous thing he now holds on with one hand to the gate and lets the other hand free! He is something else. He is always trying something new. I dont think it will be long before he walks....he already moves his feet while holding onto the gate. He will move from one end of the gate to the other.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jail Bird

                                                              Jail Time in his gate :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Perfect Timing

Today was my first day to be a stay-at-home mommy! I have already started Austin and I on a little routine that I want us to follow everyday. One of my reasons that I wanted to stay at home is so I can be the one to see his first crawl, his first real word and his first step. Our day is going great. We have played and laughed. I want him to practice walking and crawling. I know once he is walking I am going to wish he would sit down! His little legs are already so strong. Austin was playing in his play area and I walked out of the living room into the kitchen to make me something to eat. I could hear his whining and knew he was getting frustrated with something. I walked in and there STOOD Austin! He had pulled himself up on his gate in a standing position! He looked just as amazed as I did. I gave him praise and tons of kisses and encouraged him to try again. It seems from the past that once he knows he can do something he catches on pretty quick on how to do it again and even faster then the first time. I ran to get my camera and hit the record button and watched him go from sitting on his bottom to standing on his feet :) I thought this was perfect timing because any other normal day I would have taken Austin to his grandmothers for the day while I had to work. I am very proud of Austin.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Big Brother

Chandler is over this weekend. We have a bunch planned and I am excited. Chandler is such a great big brother.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Doc says FABULOUS!

Austin had is 6 month appointment today. I had to do a check list on how I thought he was doing and everything that he can do. He checked out perfect. He is where he is suppose to be. He can grab objects with both hands. He is on the track to crawling. Doctor Young checked Austin's chest and said he had a good strong heart beat and muscles looked great and strong. Austin weighs 17 pounds and he is 25 1/2 inches long! He had to get two shots today. He took it like a pro. He started to get a little upset but I kept telling him he was ok and the nurse looked at him and said, "are we still friends?" and Austin looked at her and grinned so big :) Dr. Young said that Austin can start on small solids like cheerios. I was also told we can now buy Austin a sippy cup! I said this is to much doc I cant handle this! He said a little bit of juice not to be much so that Austin doesnt get to liking the juice better then his milk. Over all the Dr. Young said he was right on track and very strong and "fabulous"

Monday, February 15, 2010

Adventure of Love Weekend

This weekend of love we had Chandler. I and the kids had big plans on making daddy a gift. It started off by my friend Ashtyn coming over with her boyfriend, Ryan, and his little son, Nathan. Nathan is 3. While the men went off to get our gifts, Ashtyn and I needed to go to Target and be back before the men got home so we could decorate their Valentines gifts. With three kids and all different ages you know there is an adventure awaiting to happen. We had to put all three kids in the accord. A car seat for baby Austin, a booster seat for Chandler and then another booster seat for Nathan. It took us 20 mintues to fit all childern in and to where we felt there safety was not being jepordized. Right before we left out of the driveway Ashtyn said "drive slow" and joked about maybe we should say a prayer, I giggled and put the car in reverse! YES reverse the car flew backward towards the livingroom window! The kids thought that was fun and wanted to do it again but Ashtyn and I just looked at eachother and said a prayer...

Arriving at Target we got all three kids out made sure no one was running into the street. We made it in side took a deep breath and headed toward the Valentine supplies. As you know kids they want EVERYTHING. You know they will not use it.. they prolly know they wont use it but they want it. Every ile we passed we heard I want I want I want...this, that, those, mine, can I? We survived and tried to distract them with the cool red and pink decorations and asked there opinons about what daddy would like. We ended up buying them a few things after a couple of pouts later and sad faces. They needed valentines too! We bought the stuff we needed and put everyone back in the car and headed for home.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

6 Months

Austin Levan is 6 months exaclty today! I am so proud of him and all that he has accomplished. I will never forget when he was only a month old and I had him laying on my chest and he took his little skinny legs and stood up on my belly! I could not believe it and thank god for camera's! Ever since that moment he has been trying to stand and walk. He is getting better at crawling and is ready to pull up at any moment. He says dada really well and sometimes it sounds like momma. He can keep himself balanced when sitting. He has moved on to new great tasting foods. He giggles and has the biggest smile I have ever seen on a baby. Austin's personality has started to show through and I can tell we will have lots of memories to share. All that has happend within 6 months so Im excited to see what the next 6 months will bring us.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Amazed Mother

I had to post this. Austin just today started lifting his legs! He is amazing to me! LOL! If he just had something pull up on he would pull right up and stand. This is scary because he might bypass crawling and go right into walking! I can't handle this!

Peas Please!

Since Austin has been about 5 months I have started the journey of feeding him solids. First we tried Applesauce which at first was to tangy for him. He made some funny faces. Then we tried using his formula and then baby cereal and just mixing it in a bowl. At first it was hard for him to understand why he couldn't suck the spoon. Now at 6 months he is a pro at eating from a spoon he eats baby peas, carrots, peaches, green beans, mashed potatoes, pears, bananas. So far there is nothing that Austin does not like. He just sits in his little high chair kicking his happy feet around. At times I have to wear my own bib because in the middle of a feeding if he has to sneeze so you just have to move out of the way and take cover. Sometimes he tries to take the spoon and feed himself which would probably would end in a choking Austin. I am very proud of him and I love being able to see how he is learning and growing but at the same time sad because this means he IS growing. I just enjoy the moments with him and know it does not matter how big he gets he will always be my baby!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Bundle of Joy

We got to venture out into the cold world today. It was cold so Austin needed to be Bundled!

Friday, February 5, 2010

No good Friday

When I woke up this morning and looked out the window I saw there was snow! My first thought was yay! no work today. Then it was yay! I don't have to make my hour drive this morning. So I started to think about all the different things that I could accomplish today. So, as usual, I got an early start with doing the dishes and trying to get clothes clean while little man, Austin, was watching the TV. My thought process was "get all the cleaning done in the morning so you have all afternoon to give your undivided attention to Austin". I was really excited about being able to spend all day with him. My husband, Landon, was going to try and attempt to go to work. As the morning went on, I was getting all kinds of phone calls about whether I should stay or go to work. The fact that I had already made my decision this morning at 6:30am to stay at home was starting to seem unrealistic.

So then it all started. Milla, our dog, wanted to go outside. We have a fenced in backyard so no problem there, I let her out. Then I realize the trash needs to be taken out, it's full to the max and I have a dirty diaper ready to be trashed. I grab the stinky trash and head for the outside when Milla comes running back through the door to the kitchen with dirty paws, jaws, and fur. Mud and snow and slush is going everywhere but my clothes until...she jumps up right onto my chest. (Now we have a rottweiler which if you don't know.. they get big and they get heavy. ) I get knocked down, land on my butt with mud and nasty trash all around me. After I finally achieve getting the trash out the door in the trash can I have to come back in to a mess on the kitchen floor, which I had swept not too long ago. I force Milla to sit and stay on the couch.

Then, all the calls start again, but this time they are telling me what I do not want to hear, which is that the roads are looking fine. I should be able to go in. At this point, my patience and mood just dropped. I still had to do "something" with my hair, fix my face, and get dressed all along just ranting and raving on how I hate work. So that long hour drive was yet in front of me again. I grabbed the diaper bag, my purse, and my child and forced my way past Milla to get outside. Then I had a meeting with a cold car, where I had to push the snow off, by HAND. Once inside, I just took a deep breath and called my sister to vent. It is a "No good Friday"...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Only 30 Mintues

In the mornings, we have a routine that Austin and I follow. When we wake up I go ahead and get him clothed and fed, so by the time we need to leave, all I have to do with him is put on a jacket and hat. When it's my turn to get clothed and fed I will let him watch Blues Clues for about 30 minutes in the morning. Normally by the time Blues Clues is off I am done with what I need to do and it's time to leave. I have been doing that for about 3 months now. It is funny to me because I realized that Austin has caught onto that morning routine. When I place him in his seat and turn on Blues Clues he throws his hands in the air and lets out a wild noise and a giggle. He knows that while Blues Clues is on that mommy is coming and going through the kitchen and back down the hall way where I disappear into the bedroom or bathroom. While into his show I see him occasionally look away from the TV to see what I am doing, but he quickly turns back to see what clue Steve and Blue have found :). I have noticed that when I am not completely finished, right after Blues Clues is over, he turns and looks for me. His attention is focused on me now. This means when the Blues Clues show is off he is ready to come out of his seat and doesn't want to watch anymore TV. So, Mommy needs to do all she can do within a 3o mins time span to be on time. If I am not done, then I have to listen to Austin cry until he gets put into his car seat and off to Grammy's house. It's interesting how after a certain amount of time children learn a routine and follow it. But I, the adult, seem to have the hard time following it myself and I am the one that started it.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The half way mark...

Austin Lytle Levan is almost 6 months. That is half a year! The time has flown by. I look back at pictures from the hospital when he was just one day old and now in just 8 days, on February 11th, I'll be telling everyone he is 6 months. I remember thinking when we brought him home that he was so fragile, now I am tossing him around and throwing him in the air just to get that adorable smile out of him. Before it was so quiet and all we did was stare at his priceless face, now he's making his own language and has so many funny expressions. I wanted to start a blog so everyone could keep up with Austin. Hold on tight because its going to fly by!