Monday, February 15, 2010

Adventure of Love Weekend

This weekend of love we had Chandler. I and the kids had big plans on making daddy a gift. It started off by my friend Ashtyn coming over with her boyfriend, Ryan, and his little son, Nathan. Nathan is 3. While the men went off to get our gifts, Ashtyn and I needed to go to Target and be back before the men got home so we could decorate their Valentines gifts. With three kids and all different ages you know there is an adventure awaiting to happen. We had to put all three kids in the accord. A car seat for baby Austin, a booster seat for Chandler and then another booster seat for Nathan. It took us 20 mintues to fit all childern in and to where we felt there safety was not being jepordized. Right before we left out of the driveway Ashtyn said "drive slow" and joked about maybe we should say a prayer, I giggled and put the car in reverse! YES reverse the car flew backward towards the livingroom window! The kids thought that was fun and wanted to do it again but Ashtyn and I just looked at eachother and said a prayer...

Arriving at Target we got all three kids out made sure no one was running into the street. We made it in side took a deep breath and headed toward the Valentine supplies. As you know kids they want EVERYTHING. You know they will not use it.. they prolly know they wont use it but they want it. Every ile we passed we heard I want I want I want...this, that, those, mine, can I? We survived and tried to distract them with the cool red and pink decorations and asked there opinons about what daddy would like. We ended up buying them a few things after a couple of pouts later and sad faces. They needed valentines too! We bought the stuff we needed and put everyone back in the car and headed for home.

We got home and went inside and started on the our Valnetines surprises for the daddy's. Chandler did good about me painting his hand and placing it on posterboard. Then he paintd some dots and a wavy line around the imprint of his hand. Austin did good about me paintning his foot red and placing it withouth a wiggle on the posterboard. I wrote there names and date and put it in a frame. It looked great! By that time Landon and Ryan came home and we all shouted, "dont come in the kitchen"! We got the kids to carry the gifts into the livingroom and show them what they did that day. Of course they loved it and we all got hugs and Ashtyn and I got a bouget of Chocolate covered Strawberies! I would say we had a great day.


  1. They did a wonderful job with their Valentines! I'm sure the boys were really proud of themselves. I love that you framed it!

  2. How sweet!! So glad you had a great Valentine's Day.