Monday, February 22, 2010

Perfect Timing

Today was my first day to be a stay-at-home mommy! I have already started Austin and I on a little routine that I want us to follow everyday. One of my reasons that I wanted to stay at home is so I can be the one to see his first crawl, his first real word and his first step. Our day is going great. We have played and laughed. I want him to practice walking and crawling. I know once he is walking I am going to wish he would sit down! His little legs are already so strong. Austin was playing in his play area and I walked out of the living room into the kitchen to make me something to eat. I could hear his whining and knew he was getting frustrated with something. I walked in and there STOOD Austin! He had pulled himself up on his gate in a standing position! He looked just as amazed as I did. I gave him praise and tons of kisses and encouraged him to try again. It seems from the past that once he knows he can do something he catches on pretty quick on how to do it again and even faster then the first time. I ran to get my camera and hit the record button and watched him go from sitting on his bottom to standing on his feet :) I thought this was perfect timing because any other normal day I would have taken Austin to his grandmothers for the day while I had to work. I am very proud of Austin.


  1. Wow! Pulling up to a stand already? How wonderful! I am so glad you got to see that big first! That's one of my biggest regrets about having to be away from my son, and working full-time. Missing any of his firsts is going to be heartbreaking to me. I've joked with my husband that if our son attempts to do any of these firsts when I am not around, to stop him from doing so! It's a joke...well, sort of.

  2. It is so great that you can be a SAHM now!! I'm thankful I can be too!

    Amazing that he stood up by himself...and that he did it again for the camera! :) Lily rolled over twice the other day and then I went and got Jacob to come see and of course she wouldn't do it again! lol :)