Friday, February 26, 2010

Standing Proud

Ever since Austin has discovered that he can stand up that is all he does. He uses his gate, the couch, my cloths, the dog everything! He knew how to get up but the challenge now was how does he get down. He would hold onto dear life to the gate just so he wouldnt fall. He finally realized if he just let go and sat he would land on his bottom. Since he is a boy and boys love to try the next danergous thing he now holds on with one hand to the gate and lets the other hand free! He is something else. He is always trying something new. I dont think it will be long before he walks....he already moves his feet while holding onto the gate. He will move from one end of the gate to the other.


  1. He is so strong and so smart that he has figured out how to walk all around his gate. Soon he will just let go!Then Ashley is in real trouble.

  2. That grin tells me he knows he can get into lots more now! :) Smart boy!

  3. I can't believe he's already doing that!