Monday, February 8, 2010

Peas Please!

Since Austin has been about 5 months I have started the journey of feeding him solids. First we tried Applesauce which at first was to tangy for him. He made some funny faces. Then we tried using his formula and then baby cereal and just mixing it in a bowl. At first it was hard for him to understand why he couldn't suck the spoon. Now at 6 months he is a pro at eating from a spoon he eats baby peas, carrots, peaches, green beans, mashed potatoes, pears, bananas. So far there is nothing that Austin does not like. He just sits in his little high chair kicking his happy feet around. At times I have to wear my own bib because in the middle of a feeding if he has to sneeze so you just have to move out of the way and take cover. Sometimes he tries to take the spoon and feed himself which would probably would end in a choking Austin. I am very proud of him and I love being able to see how he is learning and growing but at the same time sad because this means he IS growing. I just enjoy the moments with him and know it does not matter how big he gets he will always be my baby!


  1. Haha! He does look happy to be eating peas! :) I remember those days...Gracie loved pears and sweet potatoes!

  2. I am beginning to understand what you mean...milestones are very fun but also bittersweet because they grow up way too fast!

  3. I am glad he likes his peas! He is so precious! I am glad I got to spend time with him Sunday. He is a complete joy!