Saturday, January 15, 2011

Domino's Effect

My husband, Landon goes out of town and of course this business trip was planned on a weekend that we get Chandler. I had the choice of not getting Chandler because Landon was worried about me with both boys all weekend by myself, well I decided I would make a lot of fun plans so the boys and I could all have fun together while daddy was away. I was planning on getting Chandler from school Friday and then we would go get Austin from daycare. Then I'd cook Taco's which are chandler's favorite. Saturday I was planning to take them to Bumper Jumpers to play and then take Chandler to the Monster Jam show at the coliseum. Then Sunday we would attend church and eat lunch with Aunt keep in mind I said "planning" through out this post...what really happened...

Thursday night I was awaken by Austin crying this isn't highly unusual but most the time if I let him cry for a few minutes he goes back to sleep. I could tell this cry was different so I went to check on him and sure enough there was a reason he was up at 2:00am. He had thrown up all over his pillow! He never has done that before so I was really worried. I picked him up and felt how hot his back and head was. I got a wet cloth and kept putting it around his neck and back. I tried to give him a drink he pushed it away. To make a long story short Austin was sick! The next day, Friday I had to take him to the doctor and the appointment ran into the time that I needed to get Chandler. After discussing the situation with Chandlers mother we decided it would be best to not get Chandler Friday night but to see how Austin was feeling Saturday morning and then we would see what was best. Needless to say the Monster Jam was on Saturday and we had 6 free tickets. So I was hoping Austin was better so we  could get Chandler and all go. After being on the phone all morning between Chandler's mom, the people I gave the tickets to and family. I decided it was best to not get Chandler this weekend. I wanted to make sure Austin was better before he was around anyone. All my plans for this weekend totally went down the drain. One plan right after the other canceled. I felt horrible not getting Chandler and he was sad on the phone that he wouldn't get to see me and his little brother. I told him I would make it up to him. But luckily Austin was feeling better by Saturday evening so at least going to church and Aunt B's was still a go!

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