Monday, June 14, 2010

Active Weekend

This weekend we stayed very active! Friday, after I got Chandler from school we went to Landon's dad's house for a cook out. Landon's sister came into town from Texas. She brought with her, her husband and four boys. It was very humid out but we all stayed outside the whole time! Chandler and the boys played bad mitten. Austin stood in the yard and kept walking back and forth talking and yelling and pointing at everyone lol it was a fun day just so exhausting.

Saturday, Landon and Chandler played outside in the yard and built a fort. Chandler had army tanks and army men so daddy decided to build a big fort out of sticks. Austin and I went to Friendly to walk and look around.

Sunday, we got started early and we all went to Lowes. Then we came back and got ready for Nathan and Ryan and Ashtyn to come over to play. We stayed outside from 2-4, which was long enough! It was hot. The two boys had fun driving the jeep into the sprinkler and running around. Austin had his own little pool he was plashing around in, and of course the adults were trying to get some sun.

Over all we had a great weekend! I took a lot of mental pictures since my camera is still broke!

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  1. I'm glad you all had a good weekend! You are always a busy girl! I still hate that you are taking "mental" pictures... :( Get a new camera! The one you had wouldn't be much anymore!