Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Starting something new

I think that if someone was to give me a hundred thousand dollars I would start my own business...now what business is that you might ask; well it would be something with decorating. I would most likely start my own cake business. I love to decorate cakes. I worked at an Ice Cream store for four years and in those four years I learned a little something about cakes and how to make flowers and borders. I was unaware until today that our Michaels Craft store has cake decorating classes. I am super excited and I am going to go for it! I know there are tons to learn about decorating cakes and I am egger to get started. My sister and I tease about her starting a photography business for weddings and I be in the business for wedding cakes. My sister is in the mix of turning that tease into a reality and I’d like to take some steps into making it a reality for me as well.
I am decorating my step son’s birthday cake for his party this month and I am really excited and want it to be perfect! I think this is my first chance to show people what I can do. I plan on posting pictures of the cake after the party to face book and my blog, now letting you know all about this is just putting more pressure on me for it to be perfect but I like a challenge! Can't wait to get started!


  1. I love this idea! You would be wonderful at cake decorating! :) Remember the fishing cake you decorated for Father's Day last year?? I can't wait to see Chandler's cake! Let me know what I can do since you will have your hands full with the cake! :)

  2. Sounds like a great idea. Tell me if I can help with anything. Have you thought any more about taking a cake decorating class at Michaels?