Friday, April 23, 2010

Baby Steps

April 22nd was a long day for me. It was fun but just long! I went to the Zoo with some of my family and my sister's best friend and her little boy. We walked for 5 hours and completed 5 miles of the Zoo, which is all of it! My sister and I had debated if we would do our 20 minute workout since we had such a good walk at the Zoo needless to say we ended up saying we needed to do our workout. So when I got home I decided not to sit. Before my workout, that I knew I would have to MAKE myself do, I cleaned up a little bit. Unexpectedly my husband came home earlier than usual. I did my work out and was very tried, getting ill, and wanted to sleep. From being on my feet basically all day my mood was starting to go downhill. Then something amazing happened. I put Austin on the floor and sat in front of him, he was just standing like he always does but then something else happened...he took a step! And then another! He took two steps all by himself! I waved my hands and grabbed him up and kissed him. He must have known his mommy needed a lift in her spirit. Austin was so excited. Landon was on the couch and was able to see it too. Every time we tried after that Austin was just too excited to stand still lol you could see pure joy in his face. He was proud of himself, and so were we :)

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  1. He will be running before you know it! I can't wait to see him take a step!