Tuesday, May 11, 2010

9 Months Already?

Today my little blessing is 9 months old! Not sure where the time went but I know it flew by. He has accomplished so much in just 9 months.

Lets walked down memory lane: 

His first accomplishment was stealing my heart

Second was rolling over

Then there was sitting

Next came standing

Last was walking...

I'm so proud to his mommy. God gave me the best gift I could have asked for. I thank God for Austin all the time. I cannot imagine my life without him.
Happy 9 months Austin!


  1. Happy 9 Months, Austin! It's hard to believe! It's time for a photo session. ;)

  2. Happy 9 months! I can't believe he's walking already, that's crazy! You certainly have you hands full with him!

  3. Happy 9 mnths. Ur baby is adorable. & I love yr blog. I am sure following u & hope u do too as its great to make new mummy bloggger friends. Do visit me