Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Five!

I like this blogging activity! When the weekend is coming in close sometimes you forget to reflect back on the week and enjoy those moments that made you smile.
1.) In the morning I love walking in Austin's bedroom when he is awake and being welcomed with the biggest smile! It starts my days off perfect.

2.) Tuesday, I attended church. We had a quest speaker to come to visit and talk about how as Christian’s we need to "Come Alive" The quest speaker was awesome. They had a dinner before the worship and it was nice to be able to talk and mingle with other adults..Because I am with a 9 month old 24-7!

3.) Austin always brings a smile to my face but the way he walks in and out of the living room to the kitchen and carries toys, stuffed animals, shoes, books, and socks it just makes me laugh.

4.) Austin follows me around everywhere! Sometimes this can be tough because I walk faster than him and he doesn’t want to be "left behind" But whether I am cooking, on the computer or putting clothes away he is always there and just talks away. We have our "talks" during the day and they mean so much to me.

5.) I enjoyed the company of my best friend, Alyse. She came over and helped me cook dinner. I love the company of my friends. Alyse is great to talk to and we never have a dull moment. We try and see each other once a week to catch up and since Austin seems to grow everyday she likes to keep up with him as well. She is always there for me and has been for years!

I have had a good week. It has gone by really fast!

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  1. This is wonderful! I'm glad you joined in. This is one of my favorites. :) I want to see Austin so we can "chat"!