Monday, May 24, 2010

Smart Cookie!

Since Austin has been about 6 months, I try and read to him every day. He has a lot of books but there is one in particular that we read to him. His Aunt Tina got it for him. The book is called, Animals. Each page has four animals on it and I point and say each animal. Recently I have been asking Austin, "Where is the cat? Where is the dog?" Well the last two times I have read him the book he has pointed to that animal! My best friend came over one night and read the book to Austin and he pointed to the right animal three different times. It was great! Then we went to Landon's sister's house last night and I brought the book to show them. I read the first page and then asked him where the cat was and his hand went right to the cat! They were amazed lol it was funny. He doesn’t always point to the correct animal but I believe he is learning and his mind is taking everything in! I got a smart cookie on my hands!


  1. Wow! Great job Austin! That is so neat. I love reading to little ones.

  2. He is learning lots every day! He is a smart boy! :)

  3. Smart lil boy!! I too love reading to my kids. Children definetly love it!