Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Craft time!

I love the summer time! Not only does it mean that the weather is warm and there are more fun activites to do but it also means that Landon and I get to see Chandler more! I don't work anymore so I get the pleasure of watching Chandler two days during the week. It has been going really well. He is such a big help with Austin. Since I am watching him during the week, I wanted to do fun activites to keep him away from just watching TV or getting bored. We have TV time, learning time, reading time and then outside time. We did a craft this past week that we were really proud of and wanted to share it (plus I have a camera now!)

For our craft we decided on a birdhouse..
He had steady hands...
took his time..
and was very proud... its done!


  1. He did an excellent job! That was such a fun idea!

  2. WoW!! I love the bird house! It is fantastic!