Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Big Numer one

A year ago today I gave birth to a healthy baby boy that was 6 pounds 12 oz and 19 inches long, which all that translates to a perfect baby boy. Now a year later I am carrying around a 20 pound 29 inch long baby boy that still is perfect. I can't believe that my son is one year! I have tried and tried to make time either stop or just slow down but unfortunately I do not have the power to do this, which is probably a good thing because most moms I assume would have their baby's at home with them FOREVER! But on the bright side letting them grow means you get to watch as they learn and try new things, you get to see there personalities and how that have changed since day one at the hospital. Some how even at a young age they are always going to amaze you and make you so proud. Well it has only been a year for me to watch Austin grow but just in that little year I have learned so much and have seen him change in so many ways.

Lets go down memory lane shall we?

                                                            His first month

to his twelfth month...

He holds my heart forever

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  1. Happy Birthday, Little Buddy! I remember the emotions I felt on Gracie's first birthday...I stood over her crib while she slept at 2:31 that afternoon and forced back the tears. You said it so well, it's tough knowing their growing up, but watching them grow is amazing. :) I'm so glad we got to see you today!