Monday, August 9, 2010


This past weekend I have had tons going on! I had my cousin and his fiancé come into town and stay with Landon and I, then we celebrated my little boys first birthday at Chucky Cheese :) I have been all over the place but loving every minute! We went bowling, fishing, shooting guns, shopping, and took the kids to the park. I love when my family comes in to stay with us, it’s packed and it’s crowded but it is so much fun. My cousin, David (which we call him DA for short) and I are super close and it feels almost like a brother I never had. We love his fiancé, Lisa as well. She is very sweet and helps me a lot with Austin. I was very excited that they came in the weekend that we were celebrating Austin's first birthday. Here are some pictures of the awesome weekend we had!!

Then came Austin's First Birthday Celebration!

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