Thursday, August 26, 2010

School is in Session!

I have been behind once again on my blogging but I promise I have a good reason!!

Since Monday of this week I have been keeping a four year old little boy. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been able to attend any daycare or pre-school so therefore he is behind on a lot of his education. We will call him "N". “N” is very smart and very sweet. His parents are divorced and just like so many children in this situation it’s not their fault but they are ones mostly affected and hurt. So I wanted to take it upon myself to help him. I wanted to teach him! I wanted to make his time with me as close to what a pre-school would be like and since I was there when Chandler attended pre-school then I knew something’s about it.

I wanted to give "N" a hundred and ten percent. I made up a calendar and each week I have him, there is a theme. For instance his first week I made the theme "All about me" I found out what "N" knew or needed to learn and then each day he got to do some of his favorite things or bring in his favorite toys or wear his favorite shirts. Just in three days he has been to the Natural Science Center, which was his first time and he loved it) We went to the park, took a nature walk, then to Library. He has reading time, play time, then learning time. I am trying to teach him his name and how to write numbers and his ABC's along with a lot of other important skills.

Austin loves seeing "N" I think it’s helping Austin also because what he sees "N" doing he wants to do. "N" helps me with Austin by playing with him or makes him laugh when Austin is in that “whinny mood”. It can be challenging sometimes but over all I am enjoying myself and seeing "N" run to the kitchen table in the morning when he arrives and pulls out the ABC cards makes it all worthwhile.


  1. I am very proud of what you are doing to help "N"! I can tell that he is a smart little guy and just needs someone to sit down and take the time to present him with learning material. I am also impressed with your idea for the week, All About Me. That is the perfect way to start this journey with him. I know you will be very special to him, as well. He's lucky to have you.

  2. I am very proud of you and your kindness to N. You are an angle from God that has come into his life. You will be blessed! I love you and know you are a great teacher. You are so special to do this for him and I hope you are very appreciated for all you do. Love you!