Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oh yes I can!

I always seem to be saying the words "Austin no, you cannot do this" Usually because what he is trying to attempt is to dangerous but through the actions of my one year old, he is telling me, oh mommy yes I can. He is very adventurous and always finds the newest thing to do. Austin is very determined. If he can't reach his goal the first time he will try and try again until he is able to do what he has set his mind to. I just hope that this part of personality never changes. I always want to encourage and praise my children as they get older but in case someone happens to tell Austin he cannot do something I hope he simple shows them that he can.

I have to keep the chairs down because he will climb on the chairs and then make his way onto the table. So to me the logical step was to put the chairs on the ground and then this is what he does.

I am not to sure the purpose of this move but he was having fun and kept himself busy.

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  1. Austin is a climber. Better watch out Mommy. Did he ever have a play pen? Wonder how long it would be before he figured a way out? Love, Aunt Pam