Wednesday, March 31, 2010


We had Chandler this past weekend. And since the kids have spring break he stayed with us for two extra days. It was great. It is a little more crazy with two kids instead of just one but it’s worth having Chandler and getting to spend time with him. Since I am at home I wanted to take him places to make sure he had fun. We went to the Natural Science Center, Monday and then Tuesday we went to the park and had a picnic.

It amazes me every time how great Chandler is with Austin. Some kids would not want anything to do with their younger siblings. Austin cannot jump and run around, have a conversation, play ball, or swing. But Chandler tries to include Austin when he is playing. Chandler knows he cannot eat anything small so when Chandler is playing with Lego’s he makes sure that all the Lego pieces are out of reach of Austin. When Austin cries Chandler doesn’t cover his ears or gets mad, he tries to help Austin. It might get ten times as loud because Chandler is trying to distract Austin, he will make loud funny noises but I just let it happen because I know Chandler's motive. Chandler likes to help me with Austin. He wants to help feed him, gets diapers, wipes, pick him up. Austin tries to escape from his gate and Chandler gets him and pulls him back because he knows Austin is not suppose to leave. lol Chandler said this weekend, "When I’m bad you have to make me change his stinky diaper" I said, OK! Chandler is a great boy. I love him like I do my own son. We had a great time together. We already miss him. Austin loves his big brother and smiles at him all the time. I know Austin makes Chandler happy too :)

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  1. Awww! You have the sweetest boys in the world! They will be so close when they are older. :)