Thursday, March 18, 2010

Park Day

Austin and I was able to spend the day with Gracie and Christina. We drove over to the T Park. The weather was perfect. We were meeting Danielle and Gaige. Gracie and Gaige play well with eachother. They both can run around and go down the slides and then run up the stairs to do it all over again. I think everyone had fun. Austin liked the park also because he was able to crawl and pull up wherever he wanted. I put him in the swings, that was his first time! Its great getting together with Christina and Danielle today. It always makes my day very fulfiling and exciting. 


  1. What a little sweetie! I love his cap :) I just commented on Christina's park post that I think it's so awesome that ya'll live close and can hang out alot. I know it's lots of fun for you two and the kids!

  2. Love the pictures! It was good to see you last night!