Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bumpers Jumpers

This weekend the Levan family was complete. We had all the childern and daddy did not have to work on saturday. So we took advantage of this and decided to join our friends at Bumpers Jumpers indoor playground. My friend and I have been there before but the "daddy's" have had to work most saturdays and they could not join us. It was so fun. Chandler loved it! Its almost impossible to get hurt becase everything is like a big ballon. Austin likes the freedom of being able to crawl wherever, fall wherever and not get hurt. The adults enjoy it because we get to bounce around too! If funs acting like childern with your childern :)
    Daddy and Chandler playing in the basketball bubble

Austin had to stay in his little section so he wouldnt get squashed by the big kids!
                               Yes I had to go down the slide. It was awesome!
                                                 We had a great day


  1. That looks like a blast! Do you think it is a good place to take babies too? Or was Austin still a bit too young really? What's a "good" age to go at?

  2. I think when they can crawl would be fine..they have a section for 2 years and under. So I just let him lose and he can crawl and pull up. Adults can go in too. So I let Austin sit on that snail thing and if he falls off it doesnt hurt him lol Its a cool place. Chandler is 5 and Nate is 4 and they love it!