Monday, March 22, 2010

When Family Visits

I have been behind for a couple of days for one reason, and that is because of family. My cousin DA and his girlfriend, Lisa came into town and stayed with Landon and me. They arrived Friday around lunch time and left Monday morning. We had a blast! Since they had been in the car most of the day on Friday we decided to stay at home and watch some movies.

Saturday morning my husband, Landon, and DA went to the shooting range for a couple hours. With the weather being so beautiful, Lisa and I decided to take Austin outside to play and take a walk around the neighborhood. When the men arrived home we all went to lunch together and went bowling. Austin loved bowling, it was his first time. He wiggled to the music and bounced and stomped his feet. We thought the bowling would be entertaining but Austin ended up stealing the show. Landon and I had wanted to show them a little bit of our downtown, and I wanted to get in some quality time so I dropped off Austin at his Grammy Lou’s Saturday evening. We went to dinner and drove downtown to play pool. Lisa and I are not that great but it was still fun and we all enjoyed it.

Sunday everyone slept late even Austin! Around 1:00pm we went to my dad’s to fish. DA loves to fish and when I say love I mean head over heels in love! DA did not carry a tackle box with fishing supplies in it, he carried a suitcase! Everyone caught a fish. We drove back home to watch some movies and relax. DA put Austin to bed and that baby slept all night!

Monday morning I helped get things together for DA and Lisa and dreaded for them to go. My cousin and I have always been close and it was great to get together with him and be silly. We really like Lisa, she keeps DA straight..well as good as she can he is wild! We made a lot of memories and I am very blessed to have such great people in my life. I love when family visits :)

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  1. I'm so glad you guys had a good time! I knew you would! :)