Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wave hello!

Austin recently started to clap and wave! If you rewind a couple weeks ago, you would know that I started working on it with him because of a post from another mom. Her child was waving and clapping and Austin and this little girl are the same age. I had not really thought about the waving and clapping to be honest. So, when I read that my brain started turning. Now I know Austin is not behind in any shape or form, but as a mother when you know someone else's child is doing something new and they are the same age you want your child to be doing it too! haha Yes its just the truth and I am hoping most moms feel this way. Do not misunderstand I am not one of those moms that get competitive and I do not try and get Austin to "out do" any other child. I do not ever plan on pushing Austin to do things he does not want to. I just knew if her little girl could do it then Austin could too. I might have helped the process but he would have learned sooner or later. I am very proud of him and all that he can do :)

1 comment:

  1. S T O P I T A U S T I N! You are getting too big, too fast! You're the littlest guy in the family, you're the one who gives the rest of us our "baby fix". Who are we going to turn to for drooly grins and chubby leg dances if you grow up? Seriously, you can stay little as long as you like...this talk of "waving" and "clapping", ridiculous. ;)