Tuesday, March 16, 2010

No Beauty sleep for this Momma

For the past couple of weeks, Austin has had a really hard time sleeping at night. I had all these predictions on what it could be...maybe he is teething again, bad gas, being uncomfortable, getting cold I just wasnt sure what could be the problem. He would get up alteast ten times a night. Some nights it was every hour. I had to get some sleep and soon! I was becoming a monster to everyone! My patience was dwindling down to none. Its hard to go all night and not sleep and then get up and be there 100% for your child who needs you. I do not like losing my cool and thats exactly what was happening.
So last nigt I tried some new things. I gave him some teething tablets and some mylicon for gas right before his last bottle of the night. We laid him down at 8:00pm and he woke up again at 9:00pm. I was discouraged at first but then decided instead of giving him more milk( like I usually would) I gave him a paci. I never did that before because Austin never seemed to care for them. He caught on quick that nothing came out. But I tried the paci and he went right to sleep with no trouble and slept until 2:00am. Which is great! That was 5 hours I got to sleep. At 2:00am I gave him a bottle to put him back to sleep and then he woke up at 7:00am. So I am crossing my fingers that what I did worked and we will try again tonight.


  1. Every hour? Oh wow, I'm sorry! That stinks. Sleep is SO crucial to being able to take care of a little one and keep your cool!

    Is he learning any new things - like really trying to walk? I've also read that when they hit one of those milestones, that can disrupt their sleep because they are too excited and want to keep trying their new "trick" instead of sleeping. Their brain is going a mile a minute so they can't calm down and rest.

    Whatever the case, I hope he sleep through the night for you soon! Yuck.

  2. Yes he is trying to walk..he gets frustrated when he falls he doesnt move his feet fast enough. Yea that makes sense because sometimes when I pick him up at night he starts walking up my body. We had a good night last night so I am hoping it starts to get better. Thanks!